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A suite of sixteen serigraphed prints by Texas artist Geoffrey Graham. Each print was originally hand drawn in intricate detail. Taking over three years to create, this achievement was printed in the Netherlands on Rives BFK hand-torn paper.

The artist's goal, to illustrate the clarity and transcendent vision which exists at the center of all peoples and their governments, is beautifully illustrated in this suite of prints. Previewed will be a signed first edition, one of only 35 in the world.

The Gift
Austin Fairchild Art Foundation donated the "Prophecy of Peace" prints to the city of Austin, Texas-sister city to Adelaide, South Australia, in recognition of the 150 year anniversaries of both Texas and South Australia. On December 9, 1986 Capital of Texas Plaza hosted a reception for the public to preview these historical prints. At that time, Mayor Frank Cooksey officially accepted the gift and representatives from the city of Austin and the state of South Australia were present. The prints were installed permanently in Austin's new City Hall in 2004.

The Golden Dream
The Golden Dream-a selected print from the suite, was sculpted in glass by Texas artist Polly Gessell. In 1986 the Six foot in diameter medallion was presented to South Australia as an official gift from the State of Texas. The medallion is currently on permanent display in the convention center in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

To set the context for the medallion, Austin Fairchild Art Foundation presented the suite of sixteen "Prophecy of Peace" prints to the people of Adelaide for permanent display alongside the medallion.

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Geoffrey Graham: Prophecy of Peace. 1986
Geoffrey Graham: Prophecy of Peace. 1986

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