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Special Projects

We directly support artists and other non-profit organizations through special projects and sponsorships:

Windows on Congress: 2001 - 2006
The Foundation donated display space for local non-profit organizations in the windows and antique display cases of the historic Scarbrough Building in downtown Austin, Texas, from 2001 through 2006. Community partners who have showcased their organizations and artworks in the windows and lobby gallery include the following public art agencies, schools, service agencies, galleries and museums.

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
Downtown Austin Association
Texas Historical Commission
See the full list....

UT Art Students rock Sixth Street:
The foundation was able to help UT Student Art Group, 100 Proof, find exhibition space in the Littlefield Mall for the renegade art show. The opening reception was held on Saturday, May 3rd, and the art show was open and active until May 10th. It was a huge success!

James Cobb in Wales:
In March 2003 the Foundation helped sponsor San Antonio artist James Cobb's exhibition and performance in Cardiff, Wales. Cobb's "Our Children" series is a set of light-jet prints of nearly life-sized children whose skin is completely overlaid with tattoo-like imagery. (see picture at right)

Cobb and collaborator, Bobdog Catlin, performed a musical/audio accompaniment in tandem with the exhibit, creating a composition that interspersed musical elements and the voices of the children featured in the series. James Cobb and Bobdog Catlin are also members of the experimental musical group Pseudo Buddha available on the Dogfingers record label.

AFAF has helped sponsor the following exhibits:

Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Tx.
  New American Talent 2002
  Sept. 11 Photo contest 2002

Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Tx.
  22 to Watch 2002
  At the Edge of Paradise 2002

James Cobb: Theora. 2003
James Cobb: Theora. 2003

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